How do Bee Products Work?

Bee products heal and promote good health for many reasons: Firstly they are pure, and natural and give little or no side effects when taken. (Except if one is allergic to bee venom, then it is recommended not to do Bee Venom Therapy). Honey is so pure that it has been found in Egyptian tombs 3,000 years old and still edible! Albeit crystallized. Crystallization is a natural process of honey and to render it liquid again one has only to place the opened jar of honey in a pot that contains water and gently heat the water up, being careful not to heat above 37 Celsius, as healing enzymes in the honey may be destroyed above this temperature.

With the old adage: "You are what you eat," purity in foods that we consume is extremely important. If we look at the shelf life of foods, foods that contain lots of sunlight last longer. Fruits and vegetables will last from several days to months, while meat rots after only two or three days at best. Honey however has lasted for thousands of years! As well the bee is a solar insect. She lives by a solar rhythm. She leaves the hive at sunrise and returns at sunset. She gives directions for pollen and nectar sources to other bees ,using the sun as a point of orientation. The queen bee flies towards the sun to be fecundated by drones that can fly the highest. The sun throughout the ages has long been a symbol of the divinity. Thus to consume foods made of lots of sunlight nourishes the divine and spiritual part in us. Honey, like gold, which is the metal of the sun, does not rust or putrefy with time, hence its extremely beneficial nature to our constitution. Thus the reason for the Ancient Greeks calling honey and mead, which is honey wine; the food of the gods!

Honey is so pure that we assimilate 100% of it. Honey also helps us to assimilate other foods. Whereas most foods we eat we eliminate up to half of them. The bees extract the essential essence of the flowers: their nectar and make honey from it. This liquid gold is precious. Honeybees will visit over 2 million flowers to make 1 pound of honey and it takes a bee her entire lifetime to make 1 teaspoon of honey! Unlike some sweets such as chocolate bars that contain refined sugar, honey does not promote cravings. It is excellent for young and elderly people it gives a long sustained energy instead of a high and low energy crash like refined sugar. Hence its use by many athletes in all types of endurance sports such as mountain climbing, walking, marathon running, swimming, cycling, skating etc.


Honey and Wound Management

Honey is excellent for cuts, burns and wounds. In Eastern Europe during the first and second world wars a jar of honey was kept in first aid kits to help treat soldiers' wounds. When the West won the war the Red Cross brought in its chemical antibiotics and this method of wound management was used. However honey is fast coming back to Western countries and now the U.S. government is using honey to treat its soldiers wounds in Iraq.

Honey also has had astounding success with treating people with diabetic ulcer wounds so that amputations were no longer required. If you have a cut, burn or wound simply apply (non-pasteurized honey preferred as it has more healing enzymes) directly to the wound. Then cover it with a dressing. Honey can accelerate the healing, help reduce scarring, help remove dead tissue and will kept the wound moist yet sterile as honey creates hydrogen peroxide and does not allow harmful bacteria to grow in it. Best of all it is pure, natural and inexpensive with no side effects.


Honey and Infants

In the West it is recommended that infants under 1 year of age not be given honey. This is because honey may contain the botulism agent Clostridium botulinum. These bacteria, while inactive in honey, can multiply in a baby’s undeveloped digestive system.


Honey Tips

Honey is hygroscopic; it absorbs water, thus it is important to store
honey with the lid on. Honey’s hygroscopicity makes it an excellent skin moisturizer. Some natural skin creams use honey for its moisturizing, healing and antibacterial properties. 

  • For clean, moisturized sweet smelling skin, try a honey bath. Dissolve 100gr of pure natural honey in your bath water, soak for 15 minutes and towel dry.
  • For healthy eyes and help with prevention of cataracts wash eyes in a 2% honey solution. Use 2 gr of honey to 98 gr of pure warm spring water and gently bathe eyes in this solution.


by Oliver Couto, Beekeeper

FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Consult your physician as necessary.

Caution: Some Bee Products may cause allergic reactions in some people.