So Ho Mish Bee Products Skin Cream 60ml by Beauty and the Bee

  • $15.95

This amazing all natural bee products skin cream is great for the face and skin. Smells like you are in a beehive and is so natural you can even eat it.  Ingredients: lanolin, water, raw honey, bee pollen, propolis, olive oil, balsam tincture, royal jelly, and St. Johns Wort oil.

Notes on some of the efficacy of the bee product ingrediens: The natural gelatin in royal jelly (food of the Queen Bee) promotes the growth of collagen making the skin youthful and elastic. Honey is hygroscopic an excellent moisturizer healing the skin of cuts, burns and wounds. Bee pollen adds vitamins and rutin to the skin, while propolis called the medicine of the bees is one of nature's most powerful antibiotics is excellent for purifying the skin.