Young Beekeepers Club Registration


The Young Beekeepers Program is open to children from ages 8-14 and meets on the first Wednesday of the month from 5 - 6pm. at The Bee Shop 1340 Bloor St. West, Toronto, Ontario M6H 1P2.

[box type="alert"]PLEASE NOTE: If you are allergic to bee venom you are not eligible to take this program.[/box]

Cost for 12 month program is $271.20 includes $31.20 HST.

Please sign up early, as class size is limited to 15 participants.

The Young Beekeepers Program offers a comprehensive introduction to the care and maintenance of a bee colony.


April 2018 - Planting the seeds of bee friendly garden. Includes learning about plants and how bees gather nectar and pollen from them. How to plan and plant a bee friendly garden that gives food for the bees all season long.

May 2018 - Introductory beekeeping, basic honeybee biology and building a beehive. Plant check in the bee garden.

June 2018 - Weather permitting taking a look inside a beehive, learning to spot the queen bee, checking on the plants that have been planted in the bee garden.

July 2018 - Learning about the life cycle of the honeybee and the various tasks of the worker bees, drone bees and queen bee. Plant check in the bee garden.

August 2018 - Learning about Bee Pollen and collecting it from a hive. Plant check in the bee garden.

September 2018 - Extracting honey from the frames. Plant check in the bee garden.

October 2018 - Bottling honey, making lemon infused honey. Plant check in the bee garden.

November 2018 - Preparing the bees for the winter.

December 2017 - Christmas play The King and the Bees.

January 2019 - Making Beeswax candles.

February 2019 - Making Honey beverages.

March 2019 - Playing the Queen Bee game.

If you are ready to register, please contact us at (416) 533-2337